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Contabulo architecture with Clojure services

Building a SaaS product with Clojure

(Originally posted on https://jamesadam.me/2018/03/23/building-a-saas-product-with-clojure/) Like many software developers, I spend a lot of my spare time on side projects.  Some side projects are purely for my own edification: learning a new language (such as my current favorite, Clojure), or  exploring a new technology or problem domain.  However, a great many project ideas that tend to pop…

Contabulo March 2018 Update

We’ve been plugging away at improving Contabulo, here’s a look at our newest features and updates: New Features: Full Site Search. This major new feature allows you to search for cards across all of your boards at the same time.  Try it out! Move cards between boards. You can now move cards from one board…

FinancesOnline Recognizes Contabulo

Business Software Directory Brands Contabulo a Rising Star for Project Management Tools For Virtual Teams The Contabulo team is proud to announce that our collaboration platform was deemed as a Rising Star by leading business software directory FinancesOnline. This recognition shows that Contabulo has largely received a positive reception from clients and is perceived as...

What can Contabulo boards do?

What can I do with Contabulo Boards? Just about anything you want. Contabulo boards are meant to be general-purpose, as opposed to other tools that assume a particular use case (agile project management boards seem to be the most common these days) . As an example, we use Contabulo boards internally to manage engineering tasks,…

On Boards and Cards

(copied and updated from jamesadam.me) Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve doubtless noticed the current trend in project management tools involving “boards full of cards.”  Trello is probably the most well known (and cheapest, being free, which might have something to do with its popularity) of this archetype.  Other, more elaborate (and expensive)…