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What is Contabulo and How Does It Work?

Contabulo is a general purpose board suitable for knowledge management, project planning, and team collaboration. Contabulo can serve as a corporate wiki, a project planning and tasking board, or as an asset storage and management tool.


Contabulo’s “cards” are flexible and can contain anything from short notes to full wiki articles. Additional card features include checklists, file attachments, and more. Industry-standard markdown format makes editing and formatting text easy and simple. Contabulo cards can also be assigned different colors and tags to enable users to easily categorize and later visually identify cards and information.


Boards can be either private (for an individual’s use) or can be assigned to a user group. Group boards enable a collection of users to access a board for team collaboration and information-sharing purposes. Within a group, each member can be granted read-only, write, or admininstrative access to a group and its boards.


For all boards, powerful search capabilities allow users to quickly search, sort, and find what they need even on heavily populated boards. This relieves users of the need to manually order and shuffle cards as with other products. Contabulo boards can grow quite large and still be manageable.


Boards (both individual and group) can also be opened up for public, read-only access for publishing information to a wider audience. This could be used, for example, to publish a job board, a recipe board, or a portfolio to a wider internet audience.

Editing a Card
Board Selection Menu
Group Management

Example Boards

Check out these Contabulo board examples

Note: these boards are read-only

Corporate Wiki Board

See Board

Job Board

See Board

Project Board

See Board


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