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Contabulo March 2018 Update

We’ve been plugging away at improving Contabulo, here’s a look at our newest features and updates:

New Features:

Full Site Search. This major new feature allows you to search for cards across all of your boards at the same time.  Try it out!

Move cards between boards. You can now move cards from one board to another. If you create a card and later decide it would fit better on a different board, you can simply move it over. Another creative use of this feature is that you could have a private board on which you keep ‘drafts’ of cards before moving them over to a public board. To use this feature, you must have ‘write’ access on both the source (losing) and the destination (gaining) boards.

User Experience. We’re working on improving the user experience. You’ll probably notice some small changes here and there. There’s now a home welcome screen with links to major areas and other information. Let us know if there’s any new features you’d like to see here!

Company Updates:

New pricing structure: We’ve added a $7 “Starter Plan” as well as reworked our other pricing tiers. Check out https://www.contabulo.com/pricing/ for details.

Contabulo now free for academic use: See https://www.contabulo.com/special-pricing/ for more information.