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FinancesOnline Recognizes Contabulo

Business Software Directory Brands Contabulo a Rising Star for Project Management Tools For Virtual Teams

The Contabulo team is proud to announce that our collaboration platform was deemed as a Rising Star by leading business software directory FinancesOnline. This recognition shows that Contabulo has largely received a positive reception from clients and is perceived as an efficient solution that allows its users to manage a project team effectively.

Contabulo also received the Great User Experience distinction from FinancesOnline, an award they give to project management software solutions that offer an especially pleasant user experience attributed to an intuitive interface and well-designed features. Contabulo passed not only the high standards of FinancesOnline’s experts, but it also met the metrics of their SmartScore system, which analyzes key elements including but not limited to: ease of use, security, integration, and effectively managing mobile support.

Contabulo also managed to land a spot in their esteemed list of leading project management tools for virtual teams. Their software experts analyzed the ins and outs of, and our collaboration platform was described as a “no fuss cloud-hosted general purpose board application that is so easy to use and extremely flexible for whatever purpose you have in mind.”

Here are a few highlights from FinancesOnline’s Contabulo review:

  • Simplicity in creating boards with important information such as rules and policies, instructional guides, and much more.
  • A great platform for professionals reliant on making checklists.
  • Organized task management and administration through specific user permissions for both board access and editing.

For all our users, make sure to check out FinancesOnline’s review and share how Contabulo helped improve your team’s collaboration and workflow.