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What can Contabulo boards do?

What can I do with Contabulo Boards?

Just about anything you want. Contabulo boards are meant to be general-purpose, as opposed to other tools that assume a particular use case (agile project management boards seem to be the most common these days) . As an example, we use Contabulo boards internally to manage engineering tasks, company documents, brainstorming, and more. I even personally use Contabulo’s checklist feature for shopping lists 🙂

To help illuminate the possibilities, here are a few ideas:

1. The Wiki Board

As a replacement for the boring corporate wiki, a Contabulo board can present your organizational knowledge in a aesthetically pleasing, searchable, and discoverable way. The body text of a card can be arbitrarily long, and with Markdown text, you can format your wiki articles with ease. Attaching files to cards also provides you with a means of storing commonly needed company files (presentation templates, etc.).

2. The Team Collaboration Board

Need a board for planning a project, event, or just need a place for a team to dump their notes, checklists, files, and tasks so they can be easily found by others? Contabulo has you covered.

 3. The Portfolio Board

Want to share your art, work samples, etc., with the world? Create a board and give it ‘public’ read-only access, then send or publish the URL for your board wherever you like.

4. The Job Board

Similar to the Portfolio board, a public board can be used to publish anything. Consider presenting your company’s job openings on cards on a Contabulo board!

5. Personal ideas and notes

Just need a place to throw all of your random thoughts where you can actually find them later? Contabulo is that place.